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Mahoney Criminal Defence 


There are few instances in life as devastating and potentially life changing as being charged with a criminal offence. You could be faced with a life-long criminal record, jail time, or other any number of other severe penalties. It is for these reasons that when you’ve been charged with a criminal offence it is crucial that you seek expert legal advice.

At Mahoney Criminal Law we provide smart, aggressive and strategic criminal defence services to best protect your freedom, reputation and livelihood.

Through experienced and passionate legal counsel as criminal lawyers, we aim to provide top quality legal service and ensure you are taken care of during these hard times.

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, or are concerned that your rights and freedoms are not being respected, contact us today at our Calgary office  or call 403 617-0035 and we will ensure that your life, liberty, and reputation are properly protected.

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