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Speeding & Traffic Offences

Traffic Tickets, Offences & Violation Defence in Calgary

Traffic Offences and Traffic Violations are breaches of Provincial Legislation and do not result in a criminal record. However, certain traffic offences can result in very significant fines, lengthy driving suspensions, and, in some circumstances, jail. Mr. Mahoney’s diverse experience will provide you with the best defence against any traffic violations.


Dangerous Driving:

Many Albertans consider driving offences as trivial things, which may be easily solved with a quick fine.  However, when charges of dangerous driving involve substantial damage to property, serious injury or even death, the consequences can be serious. These cases demand experienced and effective criminal defence.

Dangerous driving is broadly defined in the criminal code, leaving police and law enforcement substantial latitude to apply the charge as they see fit. Particularly where you are charged in conjunction with a serious injury or death, you need a knowledgeable legal counsellor to help protect your rights.

Our criminal defence firm will handle dangerous driving cases involving:

  • Impaired driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Abrupt lane changes
  • Aggressive driving
  • Accidents resulting in serious injury
  • Criminal negligence causing death

Penalties for dangerous driving can include a one-year license suspension even if no one is harmed as a result. Where a person suffers serious bodily harm, a conviction can result in jail time. up to 10 years, a penalty that will increase if a death results.
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